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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Couling Maxx Sleep Mask®

Blocks 100% Night Light


Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Fashionable Unisex Styles & Clip-Ons Available! 

Orange Optics®

Night Glasses

Orange Optics Lens Technology

Blocks 95+% Blue Light 

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Classic ZZZ's®

Night Glasses

Melanin Lens Technology

Blocks 70% Blue Light 

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Classic Clarity®

Day Glasses

Melanin Lens Technology

Blocks 58% Blue Light

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Crystal Optics®

Day Glasses

Crystal Optics Lens Technology

Blocks 40% Blue Light


Crystal Optics® - Clip-Ons

Day Glasses

Day Clip-ons


What Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Today's world is filled with blue light. Typical sources include LED and artificial lighting,  computer screens, digital devices and televisions.

Being exposed daily to this light wears on our eyes causing excessive eye strain. This is uncomfortable and has negative consequences  including not being able to fall asleep in the timely manner that nature intended. The result, very poor sleep quality which can lead to negative health consequences.

Quality blue blocker glasses for sleep improvement help protect our eyes by blocking excessive blue light and provide significant eye support.

Experience the difference orange makes.

The Couling Orange Optics® style are very classy. They are an “out and about” glasses that are best worn in the evening. Dress up or dress down, you'll be looking good!

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COULING EVENINGⓇ style is best suited for evening use. The darker patented amber lens filters a high amount of blue light (70%). These glasses are best suited when looking at bright screens like computers, televisions, tablets and handheld devices.

Harvard research determined that artificial light affects a person's natural melatonin production in the evening. Wearing darker amber glasses while being exposed to artificial light allows the body to produce melatonin normally resulting in better and more restful sleeps.

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The COULING DAYTIMEⓇ style is best suited for day use. The lens is a patented light amber that filters 58% blue light, is easy to see through and comfortable to wear in bright daytime spaces like offices, classrooms and while grocery shopping.
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Crystal Optics® blue light blocking glasses are a modern unisex style that has clear lenses with Crystal Optics Lens Technology and high quality full rim acetate frames. 

Crystal Optic blue light lenses dramatically improves visual acuity and focus while significantly reducing eye strain and discomfort. 

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Featured product

Crystal Optics® - Clip-Ons

$39.00 CAD $49.99 CAD

If you wear prescription glasses and want blue light blocking benefits, simply clip these on and experience the amazing visual acuity and focus that Crystal Optics Lens Technology makes.

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Melatonin & Sleep

Melatonin is what helps us get tired and ultimately fall asleep.
The problem is that when you are exposed to digital and artificial light, your body's natural ability to produce the sleeping hormone melatonin is reduced. The result is, not being able to go to sleep or have a quality sleep. When you wear blue light blocking glasses in the evening when you are using digital devices or are exposed to artificial lighting, your body will naturally produce the sleep inducing hormone melatonin. The result, you will be able to switch your mind off when it's time to go to bed and you will have a more restful sleep.

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Digital Screens & Mobile Devices

Looking at digital screens for long periods of time is hard on your eyes. Wearing quality glasses that have Melanin Lens Technology helps reduce eye-strain and improves reading ease. COULING CLARITYⓇ Blue Light Glasses are comfortable to wear in bright daytime spaces like offices and classrooms.

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Indoor & Outdoor Artificial Lighting

Blue light is literally everywhere in today's world. Some blue light is needed, however we should seek balanced exposure. Artificial indoor and outdoor lighting includes fluorescent and incandescent. Too much evening exposure can throw off the body’s biological clock or circadian rhythm, and interrupt the body's natural process of falling asleep. Wearing protective blue light blocking glasses in the evening a few hours before bed may reduce this negative effect and increase the quality of sleep.

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