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Which Couling Sleep Blue Light Glasses Style Is Right For You?

Which Couling Sleep Blue Light Glasses Style Is Right For You?

This is a question we get asked frequently, and for good reason. Each of our eyeglass styles are different and are recommended for specific times during the day and night.

Since the inception of our company it was very important to us to offer the best blue light glasses options available.

When we introduce a style, there are very specific requirements we take into consideration.

The first consideration is the lens types 

There are many lens options on the market these days. A large percentage of them have low quality lenses and block minimal blue light. 

Most blue light blocking glasses on the market block less than 20% blue light. Which is "okay" and would be best suited for moderate early daytime computer use.

Our intent is to provide the best lens options available that will provide the most benefit.

Our eyeglasses have 2 advanced lens types

The first lens type is Melanin Lens Technology and the second is Orange Optics.

Melanin is the pigment found in our skin that helps block excessive blue light from sources such as the sun.

Our melanin lenses block a significant percentage of blue light and are in these glasses styles

  • 58% for the Clarity Daytime
  • 70% for the ZZZ's Evening

Our Orange Optics lenses block 95+% blue light and are in this style

  • Classic Orange Optics

Both of our lens types are 100% UV, anti-glare and anti-reflective.

The second consideration when we design our glasses is the frame type

Both our Clarity's and ZZZ's have TR90 frames.

TR90 frames are very high quality, ultralight, durable and flexible.

You can wear these frames all day and not even notice you are wearing them. 

Our TR90 frames are classic unisex and have a slightly larger surface area to reduce light coming in from around the sides.

Style 1

Couling Clarity Daytime

Couling Clarity Daytime Blue Light Blocking Glasses

They are best suited for daytime use. They aren't glasses that you would wear all the time. They are very specific to when you are working on the computer for long durations or around a lot of very bright artificial lighting.

Learn more about Clarity Daytime here

Style 2

Couling ZZZ's Evening

Couling ZZZ's Evening Blue Light Blocking Glasses

They too can be used during the day or in the evening. They are meant to be used when you are using the computer or watching TV for example. 

Televisions emit a lot of blue light.

So if you are watching TV in the evening, wear this style.

Learn more about ZZZ's Evening here 

Style 3

Couling Orange Optics

Classic Orange Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses

This style is primarily for evening use.

They block the most blue light of any of our styles at 95+%.

We developed this style primarily to help calm you down before going to bed.

There is a lot of research these days suggesting that excessive blue light exposure in the evening can negatively affect sleep quality.

These glasses have to be experienced to be fully appreciated in our opinion 

Classic Orange Optics Blue Light Glasses

Vision becomes more acute and eyestrain is significantly less. 

When you put them on, it immediately becomes apparent that there is an abundance of light everywhere and that wearing the glasses filters this excessive light out extremely well.

Over a few evenings of use, many people have written to us and said the difference they experience is amazing and that they tend to be much calmer at night and have amazing sleeps.

The hinged frames on this style look very classy and professional

They are extremely durable and can be adjusted for a perfect fit by visiting your optometrist office. 

Alternatively, you can adjust the arms yourself by running the arms through warm water and molding to your preference.

Learn more about Classic Orange Optics here 

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That sums of the basic differences of our styles. 

We hope this helps you decide which style to choose.

If you get yourself a pair and find benefit, please let us know. 

Sleep well,


Graham Couling, Founder of Couling Sleep

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