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Will Blue Light Blocking Glasses Help With Eye Strain?

Will Blue Light Blocking Glasses Help With Eye Strain?

Will blue light blocking glasses help with eye strain?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is it depends on the type of blue light blocking glasses.

Over the past few years, blue light blocking glasses have become very popular, and for good reason. Quality ones, with modern day lens technology work extremely well for stopping artificial light and digital eye strain.

Blue light is all around us

Cell phones, computer and digital screens and artificial LED lighting. It is literally everywhere in today world.

What are blue light blocking glasses?

A short little history on blue light blocking glasses.

Amber vision of the 90’s...

Amber vision of the 90’s

These types of glasses have been around since the 1990’s. If you were alive back then, you will remember the late night commercials with people standing by their cars looking up at the sun.

The sun, in addition to digital and artificial light, gives off blue light. If you have seen these commercials, they are were very cheesy commercials, but were the start of the awareness around blue light and how it interferes with vision when exposed to excessive amounts of it. As is the case with very bright sunlight.

These type of glasses were good in theory, but lacked today's advanced lens technologies that do a much better job of reducing eye strain and helping with dry and sore eyes.

At the time, other blue light offenders like computers, big screen TV’s and LED lights were not know to give off blue light. So, the 1st generation “blue light glasses” were sold as driving glasses because they improved visual acuity and stopped sun glare.

Fast forward to the early 2000’s...


Blue Blockers of the 2000's

The next generation of blue light blocking glasses had darker orange lenses.

Which are considerably better at blocking blue spectrum light.

The primary problem with these glasses were that they weren’t not very flattering. The frames were huge and looked like work-site safety glasses. Not exactly the type of glasses that you would wear everyday or when you are going out for the evening.

They also lacked modern day amber lenses that have infused blue light protecting compounds and anti-glare and anti-reflective coating.

Fast forward to today

Awareness is increasing around the importance of wearing blue light blocking glasses.

Many styles and types are now available. They can be bought at most eyeglass stores.

At first glance, you would think this is great. They are more stylish and the lenses are clear.

The problem with these glasses (a big problem) is that clear lenses don’t in fact work.

Manufacturers are capitalizing on people's awareness of the importance of blue light glasses, but the reality is that at this time, clear cleanses don’t block blue light and do nothing to reduce eyestrain.They are trendy and fashionable, and that is it.

What are the best blue light blocking glasses?

We will need to revert back to the beginning of this article. The original blue light blocking glasses that were marketed to drivers and the orange ones that looked goofy, were in fact onto something.

They both had yellow or orange lenses

There was good reason for this, yellow and orange lenses block the most blue and green spectrum light. Excessive and ongoing exposure to blue light causes excessive eye strain, dry eyes, soreness, eye-fatigue and disrupt sleep.

If you are wanting to reduce eye strain, you will want to avoid trendy clear lens glasses and get yourself blue light blocking glasses that have lenses that work.
Either glasses with amber tinted or darker orange lenses work.

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What are the best blue light blocking glasses?

Melanin lens blue light blocking glasses

Option #1

There are two types of lenses that block the most blue light.

The first is a modern variation of the yellow driving glasses. They have amber infused lenses but they also have something called melanin lens technology. 

What is Melanin Lens Technology?

Unique lens technology that helps significantly reduce eyestrain when using digital devices and being around artificial lighting.

Melanin Lens Technology provides 100% ultraviolet (UV) protection and blocks 58% blue light.

Melanin is in our skin and protects us from excessive blue spectrum light. The same protective compound is in our lenses.

Couling Daytime computer glasses

Couling Daytime computer glasses

Couling Daytime computer glasses have easy to see through light amber lenses that filters blue light from digital devices including computers, cell phones and TV's.

Additional blue light sources include artificial light bulbs & LED lighting.
They can be worn comfortably for long duration's of time in bright daytime spaces like offices, classrooms, at home, grocery shopping, picking the kids up at daycare or wherever else your day takes you.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Significantly reduces digital eyestrain, and fatigue
  • Enhances and preserves color perception and focus
  • Decreases reflection and screen glare
  • Diminishes discomfort from spotted vision, tearful eyes and dry eyes
  • Enhances eye health and longevity
  • Improves sleep quality and mood
  • Can be worn indoors and outside

Option #2

Orange Optics blue light blocking glasses

Orange Optics blue light blocking glasses

The darker orange lenses block the most blue light of any glasses on the market. Upwards of 100%.

Couling Orange Optics are modern, super classing and look really cool. Going going out for the evening or staying home, either way, you will look amazing and your eyes will thank you.

Orange Optic Lenses

  • CR39 Orange Optic lenses block 95%+ blue light
  • CR39 lenses are organic material  that is lightweight (half the weight of glass), has exceptional optical performance and is very resistant to scratches
  • Anti-glare & anti-reflective lens coating
  • 100% UV protection

Do your eyes a favor. Get yourself a pair of either style, or both.

The feedback we receive from our customers is amazing. Every person we have heard back from has said that both styles work great. They stop digital eye strain, reduce eye soreness and many customers have told us that their migraine headaches have completely  disappeared since using the glasses on a regular basis.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not absolutely satisfied with your glasses, we will refund all of your memory back. That said, we are very confident you will love them, as do we.

Founder of Couling Sleep

Founder, Couling Sleep

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