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Thank you so much for stopping by, we appreciate you visiting us.

My name is Graham Couling, and I am the founder of Couling Sleep.

I work a solid 10 hours a day. Most of that time I’m sitting in front of the computer or on my cell phone.

My work is so close to my heart, that time flies by.

Which is good and bad

The good, I am so happy to help people, the bad, if I don’t pay attention to my screen time into the evening, it will kill my sleep. Literally.

Blue light and poor sleep

It didn’t take me too long to learn that excessive digital blue light, especially in the evening, disrupts sleep. It does for me.

I learned that blue light glasses help, so I ordered my first pair. I loved them and they worked well. After about 2 weeks or so, my sleep went back to being poor.

My research for the best lenses began

After about a year of searching the net, talking to industry professionals and ordering loads of blue light glasses samples, I decided to have a pair of glasses made to my specifications.

Those glasses are now the Couling Evening style.

My personal experience wearing this style, which is very similar to our customers, includes:

Couling Sleep today

I wanted to share our glasses with others like you, so you can enjoy and benefit from them as well. So, we started Couling Sleep!

The feedback we get on our glasses is quite remarkable and we are humbled.

More products are coming in 2019

In addition to our glasses, we now have our Couling Maxx Sleep Mask and more sleep aid products are coming.  

Our 100% money back guarantee

I am so confident in our blue light blocking glasses technology, that if you don’t get the results you expected from using them within 30 days of purchase, I will reimburse you 100% of your purchase price.

Thank you

If you get yourself a pair, we sincerely hope that you gain benefit from using them.

If you like them, please let us know by leaving us a review on our store website or send me an email, it would be great to hear from you.

All the very best in 2019


Founder, Couling Sleep


Founder of Couling Sleep



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