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Crystal Optics® - Clip-Ons

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If you wear prescription glasses and want blue light blocking benefits, simply clip these on and experience the amazing visual acuity and focus that Crystal Optics Lens Technology makes.

Crystal Optics Clip-Ons have clear lenses that block a significant amount of blue light (40%) and dramatically reduces eye strain and attaches easily to most glasses. 

These professional clip-ons are suitable to wear working on the computer, having dinner, socializing with friends, watching TV, and when you are around artificial lighting which gives off a lot of blue spectrum light.

BLUE LIGHT – is high energy, short wavelength spectrum light from digital and artificial sources that reduces contrast and contributes to eyestrain and poor sleep quality.

DIGITAL DEVICES – are your eyes sore from looking at your computer screen, smartphone and other digital devices? Perhaps you suffer from headaches?

ARTIFICIAL LIGHTING – get comfortable, put on your Crystal Optics Glasses and enjoy your favorite shows. Television screens give off a lot of blue light. Intense blue light in the evening interferes with natural production of the “sleep hormone” melatonin.

SLEEP BETTER - too much evening exposure to blue light can throw off the body’s biological clock or circadian rhythm, and interrupt the natural process of falling asleep. Wearing quality blue light blocking glasses in the evening a few hours before bed helps reduce this negative effect. 

LOOK GREAT – your associates and friends will compliment you on your dynamic and classy style!

CR39 Crystal Optic lenses block 40%+ blue light.

Exceptional optical performance and very resistant to scratches.



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